Bulava, clubbells, macebells and kettlebells site

Strength, endurance, mobility. Everything is suitable for real life, with its real loads that are so different from those which we expose ourselves when refined modern training.

A number of tools that were used to develop strength and health promotion of our ancestors has been successfully sent to the dustbin of history in the middle of the last century. But now more and more it becomes apparent that functional training gives the body much more advantages than isolation. Training athletic mace, weights, your own body - these are the tools that will not leave a single muscle in your body is the failure to involve. This is one of the oldest training tools.

In Russia, we call it a BULAVA. In the US, it is called clubbells. Athletic bulava/clubbell perfectly develops both strength and endurance. This is a great tool for training the joint flexibility, functional strength and endurance. On this website we have tried to reflect the maximum amount of information about training with clubs, kettlebells and a body weight for athletes, wrestlers, fighters and all those interested in functional training. Here you will learn about the bulavas/clubbells and kettlebells. And you will be able to learn the exercises with them!

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