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GYM - Clubbell/Bulava

So, what started this website. Athletic mace/clubbell/bulava - an excellent means of training the entire body. Unlike many other shells - mace design will make you flat out on the full training.

Bulava (clubbell) - chic tool for functional training. Look for exercises with it, look at the store, read the article and watch the video. You will not doubt that clubs should definitely try.

In this section you can get acquainted with the exercises exert pressure on certain muscles.      Below is a schematic human muscular frame. Wave the mouse over it.      Clicking on a particular muscle is highlighted you will see a list of exercises that are suitable for the study of it.
map Trapezoid Trapezoid Trapezoid Trapezoid Latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi Deltoids Deltoids Deltoids Deltoids Long dorsal Gluteal Abdominals Biceps Biceps Abdominal oblique muscle Abdominal oblique muscle Abdominal oblique muscle Abdominal oblique muscle Forearm Forearm Forearm Forearm Quadriceps Quadriceps Femoral biceps Femoral biceps Pectoral muscle (Breast) Calves Calves Calves Calves Triceps Triceps

Training types

  • Bodyweight
  • Kettlebell
  • Clubbell/Bulava



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