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Clubbells, Bulava

Clubbells, Bulava

This is the modern form of the clubs, designed by Scott Sonnon. Exercises with these clubs can be performed both in Iran and in more Indian styles, depending on the weight.

Follow these maces of metal, heavy rubberized its part, the knob - plastic. It is believed that this is the most modern design of this equipment.

Mace (clubbells) of Scott Sonnon will allow you to fully work out your body, as in force developments mode and in recovery mode after the injury, cardio, load balancing, etc.

The origin of the term clubbells a commercial character. In Russia, for centuries clubbells called BULAVA. This equipment in India, for example, called Masa, Gada, and there are other names in other countries.

With clubbells quite easy to perform complex exercises with two hands (there are Indian clubs).

Clubbells quite long and heavy, which makes a significant emphasis on the time of generation of the power of momentum and the strength of the grip under all the exercises with them. Scott Sonnon last fighter and wrestler in the design of their athletic clubs take into account the peculiarities of spets.silovoy training in combat and in the shock direction of the fight.

In the end, this introductory unit, we note - athletic clubs Clubbells is a versatile training tool, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Often one such clubs enough to replace the entire set of home exercise equipment and other free weights.

Exercises on different muscle groups with this type of clubs

Training types

  • Bodyweight
  • Kettlebell
  • Clubbell/Bulava



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