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For fighters

For fighters

This group is not only to practitioners directly boxing, but also to the majority of martial arts using mainly striking technique.


Specificity of the shock of the fight is that the kick is generally invested enormous power, or the second aspect, it is necessary to be able to economically perform speed bumps, but not severe in magnitude shock pulse. How can you beat known but rarely much or often, but not much.


For men, this group contains exercises for both conducting combat options. As is known, impact efficiency largely depends on the fist compression force. Knockout ability increases with strong forearms.


All exercises with clubs mean that you hold them in your hands. This grip one in which they tend to slip out of his hands. This provokes a more sensitive and powerful work the muscles of the forearm and wrist. Due to the fact that exercise is mainly centrifugal - mace is much greater load on the muscles involved in the exercise.

It is important to include as much as drummer own weight can be hit. Almost all the exercises in this group teach you generate a shock pulse. Everywhere you want to switch the inertial component.

Of course, in addition to being collected in this group, you will find a lot of other exercises on the site. Click exercises to see the detailed descriptions for them, and their corresponding video themed videos.

Group excersises: For fighters

Training types

  • Bodyweight
  • Kettlebell
  • Clubbell/Bulava



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