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For wrestlers, grapplers

For wrestlers, grapplers

Load wrestlers has its own specifics. Here we need a strong, tenacious hands and body are ready to work with a heavy weight at different angles throughout the fight.


The main methods are different shots, retention, undercuts.


Throws require drastic involvement of forces of inertia of the whole body and, as a rule.

Deduction - this constant tension of the muscles strong, with low amplitude movements.

Sweeps / explosions - a sharp coordinated drawdown arms, torso and legs, the body is approximately equal to the mass of matter in the direction of at least.

For all major types of exercise require their own working hours. The following are recommended for wrestlers exercise and contains the specifics of their application.

Click exercise to see their detailed descriptions, video replays and the corresponding thematic video. And do not forget - in addition selected for this group - there are many other exercises you will definitely want to try.

Group excersises: For wrestlers, grapplers

Training types

  • Bodyweight
  • Kettlebell
  • Clubbell/Bulava



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